Montag, 22. April 2013


Aus dem Trainingslager auf Mallorca haben wir den Einen oder Anderen platten, kaputten Fahrradschlauch mitgebracht. Ab sofort gibt es also wieder meine Schlüsselanhänger in Ynas-Shop :)

// Keychains
From the training camp in Mallorca we have brought one or another broken bicycle tube.  So, from now there are again keychains in Ynas-Shop :)

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  1. Hi. Thank you so much for the sweet sweet comments on my blog. I`m so glad you like my pictures :) I love the design on your blog, both the colours and the details. I love to come back some other time and read more in your blog, right now its time to get to bed. The little one is not known for slumbering in the morning in this house ;)

    Best regards Therese


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